Spray Tan Preparation

If you are planning on getting a spray tan, you need to do a little preparation first if you want to get the best out of it. First of all, if you intend to get a body or facial waxing soon, get that done first, before your spray tan, it will take far better if you do things in this order.

Exfoliation prior to your spray tan will always give the best results, it will remove all the dead skin, this will help make the tanning more even all over.

Shaving needs to be done before also, as this is a form of exfoliation. Also, if you have nail polish on it actually helps to prevent your nails from being tanned by the lotion when it is sprayed on. The spray tan will not in any way affect your nails, they will not be stained.

If you are having eyebrow extensions or waxing, get this done beforehand, having them plucked however is ok just after the spray tan.

When it comes to any form of makeup, lotions etc., these need to be removed and your skin showered and exfoliated before the tanning as these can cause uneven tanning or blotchiness. So use makeup wipes if you have no time to shower and remove makeup.

Any form of chapsticks, gloss or lip balm is fine to have on during that spray tan and deodorant is ok too.

When you go for your spray tan, it?s a good idea unless you like the look of bra strap stripes to remove your bra and after wards when you put it back on to use the loosest strap setting. After the process it is perfectly normal to feel a little sticky, but this will soon pass and it will certainly be gone after your first shower.

You need to try to avoid touching your skin at least until 12 hours have elapsed and you can shower, otherwise you will get the tanning lotion on your palms and they will become stained as a result. If this happens, wash your hands straight away, but try to only wash the insides of your hands as there will be tanning lotion on the outsides, ideally use a wipe or a wet towel to do this.

When you go for your spray tan, try to wear old clothes as the tanning lotion can stain them; otherwise simply wear dark colours rather than light as this will avoid the staining being visible. Wear long sleeves and pants on the first night in bed after the process to avoid staining your bedsheets.

We recommend that you refrain from showering for about 12 hours to get the maximum benefit from the tanning process, if this is not acceptable you can request an express formula treatment that allows you to shower 4-6 hours after the treatment.

Try to avoid excess sweating or obviously swimming, as this will potentially case streaking or blotchiness. Do not wash your face or any part of your body while the process is curing so this may mean having to sleep with your makeup on, on the first night. The best thing to do is just don?t wear makeup for the first 10-12 hours after the tanning treatment.

Follow these guidelines and you should get superb results as long as the salon has done a good job of applying the lotion evenly. For more information check out this video if you intend to apply it yourself at home.



NEWS: Christmas is Coming!

I know that many of our readers own, or work in beauty salons, so here is a useful tip to help your business build a relationship with your clients.

As you will have surely noticed, christmas is on its way, and you, like most salons, will be sending out Christmas cards to their regular customers, right?

If so, then why not consider sending our personalised Christmas cards that really hit the mark.

Of course, you could make them by hand (if you are far more skilled at crafting, and far less busy than we are), but you could also buy personalised cards that will be remembered all year!

Some Christmas card manufacturers offer a range of Salon-specific Christmas cards which you can personalise by including personalised images and messages.

The level of personalisation is quite amazing. As you might expect, you can change the text in the card to mention you Salon name - but you can also change the images to actually represent yourself and staff. For example, if one of your key employees is known to be keen amateur chef, one of the figures in the main image can be modified to be wearing a chef's hat. If your staff all wear distinctive tunics, the figures on the card can me changed to wear the same etc.